Organic TreatsThe range of organic treats available is only as limited or as vast as a consumers desire – almost anything is available that is grown or produced organically. The only bar to not getting these products is either cost or availability. From luscious melt in your mouth chocolates, grown organically and ethically in the Amazon, through to wines, bed linens, relaxing bath gels and pampering facial products, even organically produced stationery products, the world is one’s oyster when it comes to the world of treats of all kinds, available organically.

Organic Spa Products

A new range of products available on the organic market is called Organic Spa Products’, which aim to truly pamper, rejuvenate and relax body and mind – using only natural, organically grown plant materials.

Also possible to find are health spas around the country which advertise totally organic packages for the discerning customer – using only organic food and drink, as well as organic cottons and linens, as well as organic massage oils and spa products.

Some of the natural ingredients that these and other skin products use include organically grown and sourced lavender, jojoba, camomile, tea tree, arnica, and mint. Others include rose, geranium, basil, and marjoram. Long known for their cleansing, healing and medicinal properties, these plants and others are even better in an organic format. Try organically produced oil in an oil burner to create a harmonious, fragrant and sensuous atmosphere in a room or throughout a house.


Soaps made from organic products are a growth area in the organic market. From basic hand soaps to luxuriant ‘bathe all day bubbles’, many companies now offer soaps, several selling exclusively online.

Lemongrass and marigold soap, produced by the Spieza Organics Company, won the prestigious Soil Association Organic Industry Award for ‘Best Organic Beauty Product’ in 2006 – a luxurious treat, indeed.


Organic chocolate really is a chocolate lover’s heaven wrapped up in bars. From simple flavours of milk, dark and regular chocolate, through to exotic rose, nut, ginger, chocolate ‘nibs’, to orange and spice and beyond, the range of possibility of chocolate has gone through the Amazonian roof since companies and entrepreneurs have seized upon the opportunity of organic chocolate. From sourcing organically grown coca beans, through to blending flavours and pricing their product accordingly, never has there been such a dazzling array, all packaged beautifully.

Organic Treats – Naughty Nibbles and Beyond

Turning to an organic lifestyle won’t necessarily trim one’s waistline. The range of edible options, from delicious fruit concoctions, to the naughtier chocolate and sweet options, dried fruit and nut nibbles (all dried fruits, such as sultanas, raisins, apricots, and nuts, from walnuts, sunflower seeds, cashews, macademia nuts, to hazel and brazil nuts, are now all available organically) replace the blander (and less healthier) range available non-organically. There is also a wonderful selection of fruit and nut snack bars, also filled with exotic tastes like carob, quinoa, available in organic form, and well worth trying.

From edible treats, to materials, fragrances, perfumes, toys, gels, pills and potions, there is a veritable feast of organic treats to delight all the body’s senses … and more!