ChooseOrganic was formed to offer a unique reference point on a guide to organic products and produce.

Choose Organic exists as a ‘one stop’ website where you can discover all about the world of organic products in the UK. The world of organics starts with food – the meat, fish and vegetables we eat every day, and the issue of how the food is raised and grown to make it truly qualify as organic, but nowadays it encompasses many types of products, from organic clothes, to body wash, to household cleaning products.

The concept of living organically also influences how we choose our holiday destinations, and how we travel there! The world of organics is intertwined with issues of sustainability, fair trade production and the ethical treatment of workers and animals, and many more such issues, and this website seeks to explain some of these issues in an informative and accessible manner, giving you the consumer greater knowledge about the fastest growing sector within consumer society.

Here you can find articles that explain how food can be grown organically, what makes some growing conditions more ‘organic’ than others and how the land can be certified as such, the price difference between some organic and non-organic products, and where to buy certain types of organic products.

This website includes up to date information from environmental experts, active in this complex yet tremendously important area. We even offer an ‘ask the expert’ service where your questions are fully answered by our panel of experts in this field. If anything is not covered on this site, please let us know and we’ll look into it.