Guide to Organic and Fair Trade Labelling

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These days it's easy to get lost in the world of labelling when you're looking for fairly-traded, organic food. The sheer popularity of food that has proven environmental benefits means that organisations across Europe and the US now offer their own version of organic standards - each with its own [...]

Adopting an Organic Lifestyle

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Organics meaning organic food and products and adopting an organic lifestyle, is just one part of the way that philosophers and activists have devised and recommended over several decades to heal the ills inherent within human society, and the negative effect humans have been having on the environment. No one [...]

Why Go Organic? – The Benefits

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The Organic Revolution There truly is an organic revolution happening at the moment in the UK. Consumers across the Country are insisting on buying organic food: meat fish, fruit and vegetables, and a range of other products ranging from sanitary towels to paint. People are changing their lifestyles to one [...]

The Organic Market in the UK

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An Organic Success Story According to a recent report published by The Soil Association which is the UK’s leading advocate for organic agriculture, and the main Certifying Body for organic farming; the market within the UK for organic food and drink has now reached 2 billion pounds per year. This [...]

Cost of Organics Vs Non-Organics

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At this relatively early stage in the rise and development of the organic food and goods marketplace the cost of them is likely to be higher than that of foods and products produced non-organically. This is largely due to a ‘real’ pricing in the organic marketplace that includes all the [...]

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