Eco-Luxe Fashion: Organic Drops Hippy Image and Hits Catwalks

By |2021-05-26T11:49:40+00:00March 26, 2009|Organic Clothing|

If back in the nineties you'd have dared suggest that in the future 'green' would mean 'glamorous', most fashionistas would have laughed you out of the room. However, style (just like attitudes) change, and it seems that the fashion world is gradually waking up to the idea that it pays [...]

Organically Produced Clothing

By |2021-05-26T11:49:42+00:00November 16, 2007|Organic Clothing|

Clothing made from organic materials is very popular at the moment. They are highly regarded and are at the high end of the fashion market. Being made from organically produced materials, namely cotton or wool, gives clothing a certain cachet, or prestige, and this is clearly an area of the [...]

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