Organically Produced ClothingClothing made from organic materials is very popular at the moment. They are highly regarded and are at the high end of the fashion market. Being made from organically produced materials, namely cotton or wool, gives clothing a certain cachet, or prestige, and this is clearly an area of the already booming organic market that is going to do well and expand.

Consumers enjoy soft fabrics next to the skin, and the knowledge that the material has been produced according to high organic standards, and possibly fair trade conditions as well – in which the growers, often in 3rd world countries, are given fair prices and guaranteed regular sales for their crops, as well as other support such as equipment and sometimes loans, only makes the purchase of a garment made this way a delight.

How are the Materials Made?

Cotton making is quite a complex process, involving picking, soaking, spinning and dyeing. However cotton grows easily the world over, and many countries have successful cotton growing Industries. Another variant of the same species, Bog Cotton, grows wild in ditches, and it is quite fun to pick this and dream of producing clothes and fine linens!

Organically growing cotton for cloth involves a complicated process of checking and certifying the soil. Soil needs to be free of all chemicals – pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, and to have been free of these for at least 3 years before seed can be sown. Farmers can grow a variety of other plants that provide nutrients for certain crops, and even certain plants that perk up exhausted soil, naturally.

Clothing Made from Hemp

Another type of cloth worth looking for is hemp. While hemp is not necessarily always grown organically, it is being hailed as a great material to work with. The plant doesn’t need fertilisers to thrive, and can replace cotton when climate and cost issues threaten crops. Clothing made from hemp is highly practical, comfortable, and stylish too. Look out for shops and market stalls selling hemp clothing items.

A Range of Organic Clothing

From loose and baggy trousers, suitable for yoga and other exercises, to sleek fitting t-shirts, shirts and camisoles, the ever-growing range of clothing produced from organically grown materials has something to suit everyone, from babies, to teenagers, to supermodels, and every size and shape in between.

These clothes are increasing available in high street shops. Indeed, many of the well-known clothing retailers on the high street are including an organically produced range of clothing every season, ‘cottoning on’ to the Nationwide trend.

Other buying options include several high profile Internet retailers that specialise in selling organic clothing, that advertise in the media. Because they don’t have high street branches, and other overheads, they can pass savings and deals on to consumers. Choosing clothing online is clearly very different to trying it on in a store, but online retailers compensate for this by making it very easy to return clothing and also exchange it.

Other options might be organising an organic clothing sale in your own home – look online or ask at your local organic retailer for details of organic clothing suppliers, contact them and see if they will bring samples to a party: invite lots of friends, buy tasty organic drinks and nibbles, and enjoy the world of organic clothing, naturally.