Organic Home FurnishingsIt is now possible to live a completely organic lifestyle from the food an individual or family eats, through to the clothes they wear and the furnishings with which they decorate their homes and living spaces.

Using organically produced materials, like cotton and wool, soft furnishings like sheets, towels, cushion covers and throws to cover furniture with, can all be purchased now that are genuinely organic.

This is a relatively recent and exciting development for the organic marketplace. These types of furnishings are more expensive than regular non-organic goods, due to a higher cost of production, but consumers should bear in mind that this higher cost does reflect a truer production cost, and buying luxury goods does often cost more.

Living in Organic Luxury

Making home furnishings out of organically produced materials reduces the harm to the environment that intensive production – with energy use, water, dyes, and other chemical treatments, can have. This is in addition to damage to the earth through chemical additives to the land and plants grown in a non-organic manner.

This should be borne in mind by a consumer while shopping for organic furnishings for their home. To live in an environment that is healthy can only be good for individuals and families. For babies and growing children whose health can be affected by chemicals from plastics and paints, varnishes, dyes and additives of all kinds, a healthy home environment is crucial, when little can be changed about the external environment outside the home.

To be able to sleep in soft organic cotton bed sheets, and organically produced pyjamas too, is a real treat for the skin and the mind. Many people are nowadays suffering from skin allergies, partly due to environmental changes and health issues. For these people, experiencing the non-allergic pleasure of organic cotton linen should be a must.

Other Furnishing Options

All who care about the internal home environment should consider using lead-free paint within the house. Lead is known to release its poisonous toxins into the atmosphere slowly – this is particularly hazardous while decorating, but it is also thought that lead-based paint can leach toxins throughout its life as well.

Other organic furnishing options include the use of organic or sustainably produced wood products. When purchasing wooden furniture, for both inside and outside the house, always check that the wood is from properly managed forests. This means forests that are sustainably managed, and replanted, for future use. Always check the origination of furniture, even when it might have an ‘organic’ or ‘sustainable’ label on it.

Research which types of wood are currently in short supply throughout the world, and always shop from reputable dealers who also care about the environment.

Furnishings and decorations that are artfully arranged, whether they are large or small, always bring pleasure and harmony to the eye inside a home. Using the best products available, especially those that are organic in nature, produced ethically and are sustainable, brings a sign of thoughtful care and quality into a house, and transforms a simple space into a warm and well-cared for home.