Organic Baby FoodMaking the decision to lead an organic lifestyle, by choosing to eat mainly organically produced food and use products that are made of organic materials, is a healthy one, which can be gradually applied to everything and everyone in your life.

Choosing that your baby eats only or mainly organic food is a great choice for your baby’s health. Hopefully your child will thank you in the future! There is growing scientific evidence that foods produced with excessive amounts of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides have serious short and long term consequences on the body, in areas like the liver, kidneys, pancreas, and even the brain.

There is also a growing body of evidence that shows that foods produced without these toxic chemicals, i.e. organically, have twice the beneficial health effects upon the human body that foods grown or reared in the regular way do.

The nutrient levels of organically grown wheat and tomatoes for instance, is said to be up to 40% higher than those grown non-organically, and with organically produced milk (with the cows eating organic food), the nutrient levels were assessed in a recent British University study to be almost 80% higher than comparable levels in non-organic milk.

Types of Organic Food available for your baby

Due to the huge growth in consumer demand for organic food and products, there is now available a huge range of baby foods produced organically. From dried organic baby milk, through to processed pulped meals, both specialist organic food companies and regular supermarkets now produce and sell organic baby foods.

From vegetable purees full of organic broccoli and healthy spinach, through to great tasting berry desserts, the range available in the organic varieties is similar, or nearly the same, as foods available in a non-organic form. There is also the great option of buying locally grown seasonal organic food, such as chard or spring spinach or peas or broad beans, and wonderful raspberries currently in season, and cooking and blending your own home cooked food for your baby.

If time is an issue however, and the thought of cooking on a daily basis seems impossible or impractical right now, parents of a newborn baby should rest assure that they have the option of buying many ready-made organic food options for their child. Many purees for a baby can be cooked a day or two in advance, and kept in the fridge or frozen. Take advice from experts and other mothers on cooking and freezing or storing food for your baby.

Finding Organic Baby Food

Finding organic baby food is as easy as doing a regular shop. Either search the baby shelves at your local supermarket, or visit the local health food store or local organic shop. These places should also have a great range of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, or consider a regular visit to a local farm shop. Another option is to order a regular delivery of organic fruits and vegetables from an organic supplier in your area.