Finding & Utilising Organic Bread

Eating organic bread, be it made from white or brown flour and wheat, made from purely organically produced ingredients, using a variety of available recipes, is a healthy and delicious experience.

Baking the bread and following a recipe (or doing it from memory) is especially a truly satisfying experience. Many types of organic and non-organic bread are available from the local bakery, as well as supermarkets, small local shops, specialised bakeries and even available to purchase online.

Wheat has long been available in its organically grown form, and the health benefits of eating food that has not been grown with the addition of pesticides to the soil, and other flavour enhancers and chemicals to the recipe and product itself, can be tasted in every mouthful.

Buying Organic Bread

Most bakeries and stores that sell bread will now include an organic bread loaf option, as storekeepers know that their consumers wish to eat organic food is now the biggest growth market in the worldwide food Industry. In the UK the organic marketplace is a vast opportunity of foods and culinary options, including amazing tasting healthy organic breads and cakes.

All sorts of organic bread and cakes are available: from wholemeal loaves and seeded grain breads, through to tea cakes, cup cakes, and muffins, all produced organically, without the aid of chemicals, preservatives, and other enhancers.

If there is a small local bakery in your area, try them first, as they may have more experimental recipes, and be willing to take the time to tell customers about their products, their origins and the recipes, and they might be willing to try out new recipes for regular customers.

Many new artisanal bakeries are now opening up (or already exist) in towns and cities across the UK – they tend to specialise in producing organic and chemical-free breads, often from local flours.

Experiment with all the types of organic bread available from the place you do a regular shop. All supermarkets, and particularly those that have in-store bakeries, will sell organic breads and cakes, although get there early as these types of products tend to sell out quickly as customers want to taste the organic freshness!

Baking Organic Bread

There has never been a better time to start baking bread at home. Bread making machines are easy to find and use, which make the process very simple and cut out a lot of the time needed to make bread – the kneading and the supervision of the loaf while it rises.

However, someone truly interested in the process of baking and bread making should find a trusted recipe and give baking a go, at least once, to understand and follow the process. Yeast, wheat and flour, all of the organic variety, as well as seeds and nuts to give the loaf extra bite and nutrition, are all commonly available for purchase on the high street.

The other items needed are a loaf tin or baking tray; some oil, water and salt, an oven to bake in, and plenty of time to mix the ingredients, allow the loaf to rise and then to bake.