Buying Organic DrinksAs with the world of non-organic food and drink the organic drinks market is booming, with new tastes and flavours continually being developed and introduced.

Within the organic drinks market, the emphasis is on natural tastes and flavours, making the drink taste great as well as being healthy for the consumer. From wines and beers, to natural fruit juices and smoothies, there has never been a better time to explore the wonderful world of organic drinks. They are available in all kinds of shops, from supermarkets with organic sections, to some small grocers and corner shops, and of course the more specialised organic shops and health food shops.

Organic Alcohol


This is a boom market – beers particularly are in abundance, with the traditional big breweries getting on board, and small microbreweries particularly producing some excellent beers. From pale ale to stouts, organically grown hops are brewed to produce a delicate yet robust flavour, and sometimes exotic fruits are added to give the beer or ale an unusual twist.


Organic ciders are also really delicious and well worth sampling. What could be better than knowing a drink has been picked from English organic apple trees, as that delicious fizz kicks in and the delectable taste delights the palate? As with the range of beers, some of the bigger cider producers are getting in to the organic market, but look out for and support some of the smaller cider producers as well.


The world of wine is a vast pleasure to sink into, but be careful not to drown in the grapes sweet nectar! The range of organic wines is steadily increasing, but also look out for some real treasures that are produced under the ‘Fair Trade’ label, or marked as ‘biodynamic’ as well. There are some wonderful red wines in all of these 3 categories, with the best coming from France, Australia, Argentina and Chile, in particular.

For good organic white wines, France and Germany are still producing the highest quality wines, at good prices. Do also look around and ask your wine retailer about wines grown here in the UK – there are some small vineyards doing very well, although they still need customer support and word of mouth advertising to get onto the market. If your local wine retailer doesn’t sell any or very few wines of the organic, fair trade or biodynamic variety, there are now some specialist online wine merchants, who source the good stuff, and deliver it to your door for a good price.

Organic Juices

Companies have now seized the opportunity and sell a great ranges of juices – either straight shots of freshly squeezed organic orange, pear, mango, pomegranate (or almost any other fruit you can think of), or in combinations. The acai berry is now a very popular fruit juice sold in combination with others. There are several great smoothies companies on the market too – selling great mixes either blended with milk, or with orange juice. They are sold in either regular cartons, or small plastic bottles, just right for taking to work or the kids to drink at school.

Pomegranate is now a very popular fruit, known for its health giving properties, and wonderful mixed with some orange.

It is very easy to buy a simple hand juicer, of the sort with the handle that you pull down, with a sack of organic oranges and pomegranates, and make this healthful blend every morning for breakfast – it will make you feel bursting with good organic energy!