Other Organic Products

When we refer to the organic marketplace, this means everywhere that organic produce and products are sold.

This ranges from weekly farmers markets in most towns and cities in the UK – where consumers can see, touch and taste the vibrant organic produce of the UK, and meet the people who grow it; right through to the virtual world of internet shopping for organic products. This is where consumers can browse online on a computer for products in the comfort of their home or office, and their order is received via the internet on another computer in a huge warehouse somewhere, where the order is processed and the products, be they organic shampoo or cosmetics for example, are packaged and posted.

Apart from the items most of us know about and buy regularly, like organic vegetables and maybe meat and fish, what other organic products are available in this big, and ever-expanding, organic marketplace?

Other Organic Foods

From olive oil, olives, crunchy peanut butter (delicious!), bread, spreads, pastes and pates; from cheese – be it produced from goat, cow, sheep or even buffalo milk (and all types and styles of cheeses too, from organic camembert’s, brie’s to dolcellate’s), yoghurts, vinegars, milk chocolate bonbons, to crackers, pizza toppings and all kinds of scrumptious sauces to go with pastas…. All these products are available in an organic variety.

Some of them may be harder to find, some may now be sold at supermarkets, either on a special organics aisle or mixed in with the other regular products, or the organic hunting consumer may have to find a specialist organic shop, or buy online, but they are all available.

Organic Beauty Products

Many of these products are covered in other articles on this site. The range of organic beauty products and cosmetics, including men’s grooming products, is vast, with an estimated 200 % increase in 2007 in the number of products available the year before.

Consumers should be aware that whatever their personal favourite beauty product is, either a favourite type of shampoo with creamy bits of mango in, or a body butter featuring coconut and exotic spices; most likely there will now be an organic version, quite possibly made by the same company.

Organic Cleaning Products

There are now several ranges of organic or natural cleaning products for the home. These range from multi-surface cleaners, washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets and washing machine powder or liquid, through to cream cleaners for white porcelain, and even tough toilet fluids.

The few companies that make these products pride themselves that the materials used in the liquids are not harmful for the environment at all. This is a real breakthrough from years of most houses in the UK having a cupboard somewhere of really nasty bleaches and chemicals, that children are always warned away from. Time to throw them all out and start afresh with house cleaning, organically and naturally.

Unusual Organic Goods and Services

Other organic goods and services that consumers may not yet be so aware of include:

  • Organic banking: it is possible to open a regular bank account that supports the organic movement in the UK
  • Organic nurseries: some entrepreneurial spirits are opening children’s nurseries, which use only materials and toys that are organically produced
  • Organic garden centres and plant nurseries: find your local organic plant and herb nursery, and use it to create wonderful organic allotments and window boxes