Organic Men's Grooming

Men now spend (almost) as much time grooming themselves as women, and they can now use exclusively organic grooming products. Spending hours in front of the mirror, from plucking to shaving,or relaxing for hours in a sensuous bath or taking a wake up and revitalise power shower, the world of men’s grooming, with all its necessary and alluring beauty products is now a key growth market, with many manufacturers competing for the millions of pounds at stake.

From shaving creams through to soaps, from organic body lotions and spa products to organically produced aftershaves, the range of products available to men to ensure their continuing handsomeness, health and vitality equals those available to women, and all of it organic.

A Close Organic Shave

For men who don’t wish to sport a beard, shaving occupies many hours of the week. Some men opt for electric shavers, or prefer to go to barbers who offer wet shaves, but for those who resolutely shave themselves with a razor, many wonderful organic lotions and potions are on sale, both on the high street and via online organic stores, to smooth the skin and aid the follicles.

One online organic store offers a shaving gel that uses cypress, thyme, lavender, aloe vera, olive oil, geranium, clove oil and grapefruit, all produced from certified organic plant sources. This unique combination of herbal extracts enables the product to soften the hair shafts, prevent razor burn, soothe, condition and protect the skin, and finally to act as a gentle astringent to open the pores after the luxuriant shave.

Men who use such luxuriant products and insist on organic should also take care that the materials used in the necessary equipment; a razor (either cut throat or more standard variety) and shaving brush, are of ethical origin. Concern has been raised over recent years that hair used in many shaving brushes is from animals raised and slaughtered for this use.

A Range of Organic Shampoos

Beauty product companies are now seizing upon the market of exclusive organic shampoos for men. These range from daily shampoos for everyday use; thickening shampoos to give male hair some body; and sensitive shampoos for men with scalp sensitivities. Most men care about the look of their hair – now as well as looking good it can be healthy too, using ingredients that are as natural as the hair itself. Organically produced ingredients are healthy for the human body and the environment.

Other hair products for men include pomades, texture pastes and maximum hold gels, all available in organic variations.

Other Organic Grooming Products for Men

All the products that 21st century men are now accustomed to using in their daily and weekly grooming routines are easily available made entirely out of organic materials. Companies that produce these state that the products contain no petroleum or parabens: harmful chemicals that scientists are warning the world about.

Moisturisers, aftershave skin conditioners, shower washes and gels (including a great looking 6 vitamin shower boost), deodorants and all manner of cleansers are now out in the organic market.

Men can now scrub up and look great – organically.