How to Make Your Workplace More Organic

Organic experts and environmental campaigners have repeatedly proved that going organic means treating yourself to a happier, healthier lifestyle that’s far kinder to the environment.

So why stop when you’ve introduced your family and friends to the fruits of an organic life? By spreading the word beyond your home and into the workplace you’ll be helping do even more for the good of the planet. But before you prepare to paint your office green, here are some simple, practical tips to help you get started.

Green Cleaning

From cleaning up coffee cups to making sure that monitors, desks and keyboards are spic and span, the modern office needs many litres of cleaning products to keep it looking tidy. A great start to going greener around the office is to seek out eco-friendly cleaning products, many of which now feature certified organic ingredients.

To make the change, ask the person in your office responsible for buying cleaning supplies to source green alternatives. Because greener cleaning products are VOC (volatile organic compound)-free they’re unlikely to cause irritation, and are altogether less polluting when they enter the water table.

A Green Canteen

As any good manager knows, the quickest way to motivate workers is through their stomachs – which is why the staff canteen is essential for maintaining good office morale.

To boost this ‘feel-good’ factor, why not suggest that your office’s main eating place switches at least some of its lunchtime fare over to organic? After all, organic fruit, coffee, sandwiches and snacks are generally tastier, and healthier, than non-organic equivalents. For an extra boost, suppliers are often happy to supply you with posters, leaflets and other ‘point-of-sale’ materials outlining exactly why organic is best.

Pick Up Some Plants

Forget smelly air fresheners and toxic cleaning sprays – buying a few plants is the best, most natural way to keep your office smelling sweet. Strategically-placed plants naturally act as the lungs of an office and refresh stale air. There’s even research which suggests looking at plants while working actually helps reduce employees’ stress levels. One word of warning: don’t let them become alternative office rubbish bins. Pouring cold coffee or pencil shavings into a plant pot instantly destroys the fresh allure!

Perfect Paper

Despite some experts predicting the arrival of the ‘paperless office’ anytime soon, most office workers know that daily life revolves around a constant supply of the white stuff. Still, by switching to recycled paper you can help reduce your office’s impact on the planet. Organic paper is available on the market, but its expense makes it prohibitive to use in most offices, so stick to recycled until the cost starts to come down.

Strength in Numbers

In office life, change doesn’t happen overnight. Apathetic co-workers and managers who are fearful of altering set routines can make introducing organic products into the office challenging. The good news is that as the environmental movement continues to become mainstream, more people than ever are discovering that buying organic is best. Use this growing consumer-power to convince your boss that buying organic is the way forward. After all – a green office makes for great corporate PR!