Choosing a Organic HolidayAs with B & B’s the world of organics now includes organic places to stay, organic places to eat, and organic-based activities for all the family.

Taking the term organic to broadly encompass products, places and activities that are ecologically minded, environmentally and ethically friendly, including fair trade products and products that are produced without cruelty to animals, the range of options for single travellers, couples or families to experience on an organic holiday is vast.

Holidaying in the UK – Organically

Cheap flights abroad are proliferating, but it is clear that flights contribute greenhouse gases including carbon to the environment, which has a knock-on effect upon climate change. Partly for this reason, and partly as part of a campaign to show off the splendour and beauty of Britain, it is a great time to holiday in the UK, finding new areas of the Country to explore, or re-acquaint oneself with favourite cities and counties, possibly including the one in which you live – seeing it from a new angle.

Many magazines now exist which promote an organic and ethical way of life, and these can be found at any good newsagent or bookshop. They are a great source of ideas for organic places to stay: the classified adverts on the back pages are always filled with retreats, spas, B & B’s and guesthouses, organic hotels, and organic farms that welcome visitors.

Another great source of information is the Soil Association, which has a huge website, searchable by county or city, which promotes places to stay that are certified by the organisation as organic.

Organic Holiday Heaven

It is a good idea to plan ahead and think about which parts of previous holidays you and your family have enjoyed the most. Was it time on the beach, walking in the hills, feeling fresh air on your back, or exploring the hidden alleyways and junk shops of a country town? Or was it staying somewhere with a four poster bed, crisp sheets and big soft cushions, or great meals, lots of fine wine or beer, being able to lie-in the mornings, and taking it easy?

All these options and more are available taking an organic holiday. Some holiday companies operate so that the customer lets them make all the arrangements, be they spartan or luxurious accommodation, active or leisurely, gourmet or basic; and the customer just turns up and enjoys!

It’s a great idea to plan a trip minimally, i.e. to either let a company do it all for you, or to decide on an area to visit, be it East Anglia, Scotland, the Cotswolds, Wales or wherever, find the style of organic accommodation you want, for the length of time you have available, and then turn up and take recommendations about the area. Most guesthouses and hotels will be keen to help holidaymakers discover what’s best in their area, be it gourmet organic food, activities like horse riding on an organic farm, or just relaxing.

All that’s left to do is decide the dates of the holiday, do some research, and then get out and explore the best of Organic Britain. Happy holidays!